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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I got my STAR!

Ever since my tutor at university told me that you get a star next to your name at graduation if you get a first, I've wanted one. I know it's a bit out there and the chances of me actually getting one where .. well they weren't 100%. So I tried not to get my hopes up...

But I did it.

I blummin' well went and got that first!

I get that star next to my name in the graduation leaflets and I can officially say I have a first class honours degree!

I'm still a little overwhelmed and I bet it won't feel real until graduation in September. And at the rate these months are passing it won't be long til it comes round! But the gown's all ordered, a lovely little certificate holder is waiting for me to pick up and ... I still have yet to buy my dress! 

It's just so rewarding to know that all that hard work has been recognised. Despite all those tears, tantrums and stress, I actually achieved the best grade I could get. 

I probably sound a bit big-headed and I definitely don't intend to, but I'm just so proud that I did it! That sounds a bit lame, but I really wanted to do well and I think getting that first really shows it. 

So, for all those others who are getting their grades back or just starting out. Hard work pays off, at least most of the time, and I am so excited to be reunited with some of the old uni friends to celebrate proper!

See you all in September - I'll be the one in the grad gown wearing a huge smile!

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