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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

From Writing Blogs to Writing Bulletins

As much as I've wanted to continue with this blog - life has been pretty busy since I finished uni. It's something I really wasn't expecting!!

In summary, I had my last uni deadline on a Thursday back in May and since the Monday after that, I've been a freelance journalist. One month I worked at Viking FM in Hull, and I'm now currently at their competitor KCFM 'til the end of July. 

I realise how lucky I've been to jump straight in to work, even though it's been pretty intense! But I've learnt so much from it and when I get in, I'm knackered! Hence the minimal writing going on here.

So I will do my best to update regularly, even though I'm getting a lot of work through at the minute - even managing to squeeze in a few shifts with the BBC! However, don't hold your breath as I have a million and one things to do as well as working... The list seems to never stop! 

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