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Monday, 30 June 2014

Being a Freelance

I never really planned on being a freelance but I knew it would be something I would have to do. The reason which used to put me off is the not-knowing... Being a control freak, you can imagine how difficult it can be not knowing where your next job is coming from.

However, I really can't complain very much. I've been incredibly lucky to get two back-to-back freelance jobs doing what I love, working in radio, and both lasting about a month (give or take). So pretty solid bookings for work which has been a bit of a weight off my shoulders.

The only thing I don't like about freelancing, apart from not knowing where I'll be working next, is the whole issue with tax and money. Wherever you go, they'll pay you a different price to what you've been offered before and on top of that I'm still getting ... taxed? Even though I'm not earning no where near enough!

That's the most confusing bit and even though I'm trying to learn, it's a lot to take in. Needless to say, I'm calling Mr Taxman very soon to ask some questions...

But the pros about freelancing? Well, there's just so many! 

It keeps it fresh, because you're forever meeting new people, working in different locations and doing jobs just that little bit different to keep you on your toes. And because of that, you learn so many new things as you go! 

I love my work, I love the people who I've met and who I work with, and I genuinely do feel very very lucky! It's just one of those things I'd prefer not to do for years and years. For getting started it's great, it really sets you up and gets you noticed by the right people... But I wouldn't say no to a permanent job any time soon - it's a little more stable for me! 

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  1. If you're freelancing you shouldn't get taxed at all in your pay, you have to do your own at the end of the year. Short term contracts and true freelancing are quite different! Check the hmrc website, it has some guidelines on there :)