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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Teaching - One of the most rewarding things ever!

So as part of my university course, I get the amazing opportunity to teach some primary school pupils all about radio and prep them for going LIVE on air for their very own show! It's so exciting! 

Of course, there's a small team of us "teachers" - we don't have the training to really label ourselves as teachers, hence the " ", if anything, the children are teaching us most of the time! After every lesson, we reflect on the good, the bad and the down right ugly! 

It doesn't always go to plan, as you can imagine. But let me tell you, when it does, it really does! 

Our children had their first live show today (the second is tomorrow) and they absolutely nailed it! I don't have children of my own (obviously not yet!!) but that is easily the closest feeling I think I'll have to being a parent - I have never felt so proud over someone half the height of me! 

They managed to not only present, but BA (aka the technical side) and produce all of the show themselves with very little prompting from us. Ah :'D Just goes to show that we weren't too bad teachers and we actually managed to pass on some wisdom! 

I have to say though that I don't think I'd fancy being a teacher, mainly because of the amount of stress that they're put under. I was reading an article the other week about how so many teachers are stressed, have mental health problems or even physical problems such as headaches all of the time due to their job. 

I have the ultimate respect for our teachers, they do have a tough job - take it from someone who was thrown in the deep end and told to teach! It's such hard work but I guess, on reflection, all worth it. I would definitely want to do something similar in the future! 

The children were so excited and happy and I even think the Headmistress was swelling with a bit of pride over her students. And so she should do, because they were fab!

If you want to listen to their live shows, you can do! In fact, tune in tomorrow (2nd May) at 2:30pm to hear their last one! It's on Siren107.3FM and online so you have no reason not to ;-) 

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