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Thursday, 8 May 2014

So there's this tumblr page...

... and this said tumblr page was actually brought to my attention via a page I once "liked" on Facebook. Although I do consider myself a feminist, some of the things this specific "liked" page post are a little extreme for my liking. But hey ho, differences of opinion.

Anywho, this said article (found here: mentakingup2muchspaceonthetrain.tumblr.com) if you haven't read,or seen, is all about men taking up too much space on the train. 

Admit it. You smiled. Even if it was a smug little "ha!" because you realised that this does actually happen. 

Now I love men, in a very normal way of course, but they sure take up a lot of room. Take it from me! I'm about to start saving for a deposit for our very first home with my partner, Matt, and just the few times he's stayed at my student living, I've realised how much room he takes! 

The said blog just sums up the difficulties not only women face but men face on public transport too. The seats just aren't spacious enough! 

Maybe that's because we've become lazy and like our little luxuries - but let's face it, unless you're travelling first or business class, you expect to stand most of the way! Still, some of those pictures do look uncomfy - especially the one of that young woman squished in between two "frog legs" as I call them. Poor thing!

I know that guys have to ... sort of ... "sit" a certain way... Because of ... well, let's not go there. But still! Be a gentleman and stand up maybe? Especially if you're gonna sit spead-legged in a small space confined with strangers. 

So what do I think, well. As funny as this tumblr thing is, it does highlight a bit of a situation we have. Men need to learn to shut their legs! Sort of ironic hearing it said to males rather than the other way round... Oh the irony! 

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