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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

To Beard or Not to Beard - that is the question!


Random point of discussion but it made national news today. Bonkers I know! So I figured I'd join in the debate.

I have to say that though things like Movember (where guys grow their beards to raise awareness / support / money for Prostate Cancer) are a great idea, I do think certain men suit a beard more so than others.

Someone I worked with recently said their partner is bald but grows full face hair. She loves it. He doesn't. And I think a lot of the time, especially in a relationship, at least one person wants them to have the face hair and the other doesn't!

Personally, I don't want mine to grow his out. It's helped by the fact that he isn't allowed to have one in his line of work. But still, they irritate me. Especially when you're wanting a kiss and you get kissed by wiry hairs instead! 

Someone got in touch with the show to say that they have a beard and their partner only kisses them on the forehead and cheek now! Poor guy, but then again poor woman. She wants to kiss your lips not your hair! 

Apparently though, a lot of guys don't like growing beards because it irritates them too. It's meant to be itchy and uncomfortable (the only way I can describe it would be like having ants in your pants maybe?) so that's why they don't. Either way, if those are the guys that do it for Movember then I have every bit of respect for them! 

So, where do you stand on the whole beard front?

I'm all for them, so long as they suit the guy. Sometimes that "Hollywood Stubble" as they call it really works on some guys whilst full 'tashes like Burt Reynolds only suit a handful (him being probably the only one!). But overall, it has to ultimately be up to the guy ... and maybe to their partner. They DO have to kiss it afterall! 

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