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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Racist Video by Avril Lavigne?

Hello Kitty is the new music video recently released by Avril Lavigne. She's come under quite a lot of flack for the inappropriate-ness of a lot of what her video has to offer, but I'm asking if it's really that racist?

So much so, I took to social media to ask people what was so offensive about the video? Am I just being blind?! 

I can't lie and say I enjoyed the video ... Although I think it would be one of those that would grow on you. The lyrics are a little tacky and the whole idea of the video is a rip off from one of Gwen Stefani's from back in the day. Even her cupcake skirt reminded me of the whole Katy Perry California Gurls music video. 

The thing is, I like Avril. Not just because she's from my childhood or the fact that she's married to Chad from Nickelback who is awesome. But because she seems down to earth and genuinely enjoys different cultures... I just think she might not have really thought this video through. 

I do wonder why they called it Hello Kitty when there isn't a single Kitty in sight during the video - unless the Japanese dancers are supposed to be mimicking it? The choreography was a bit cringe-worthy and I just didn't get the whole feel for the thing.

But look at Gangnam Style - that was soooo cringe-worthy and tacky and we all love it! 

I understand some comments about the video being unkind to the Japanese, what with the stereotypical assumptions more or less screaming at you from the video, but I'd like to see if it's actually offended them or whether it's western countries like us that are looking for a bit of trouble. 

Give it a watch anyway, it should be on YouTube but it's been removed apparently! I'm sure it'll soon be in the headlines before we know it anyway! 

All I'd like to end on is Avril, you still rock in my mind! The video might be a bit of a mistake - despite it probably being a lot of fun to make! But stick to your old stuff like Complicated or What The Hell. That suits you better :-) 

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