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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Motorbikes - the way forward for young people?

They're often labelled as dangerous but motorbikes are one of the best options young people now have to have that little bit of independence. How nice for both your parents and for you to be able to zoom off to places without needing a lift!

I've found myself in the situation of seriously discussing getting a little 125cc bike with my family. Even though I passed my driving test 9 months or so ago now, I haven't been able to drive since. Why? Because of the price of insurance. 

Realistically though, we decided to wait until I'd finished uni and would be able to access my mum's car (which is the one I'd be sharing / driving) more regularly. That way, the insurance would be worth it. However despite waiting, we've realised that the cost of insurance is just not coming down. 

Even getting a "banger" for a car and trying to insure that is ludicrous. For example, I was after a small clio worth £600 and the insurance (including a black box) would be £1200. Putting my mum and dad on the insurance too didn't even make a difference! 

So now, much to my parents disapproval, we're looking at buying a little motorbike for me so that I'd be able to get to work and do my own thing. The price of that compared to insurance is around the same. Bearing in mind I'd have to buy the bike, get all the correct clothing and then insure it... You're still looking at about £1500 - £2000. 

But either way, getting a bike would be cheaper to run, easier to insure (ironically!) and the general better option in the long run. Ideally I would prefer a car - it'd be a lot warmer! - but that's just how things go! 

My partner has a bike all for the same reasons. He's had one for the past three years or so and though he's had to repair some parts and had some expense to shed out for it, it's been a real help! 

What I don't understand is, what is the point in paying out around £500 to learn to drive (for me I spent around £600 including the test and theory) and then when you're at your prime of knowing how to drive, insurers won't take you on. It's stupid. How can you get experience on the road if it's too much to afford? 

Overall, I'd love to appeal to those car insurers. Give young people a chance to get on the road! Holding us back just makes us lack confidence and experience the longer we go without driving. But for now, it looks like I might be getting a little two-wheeler instead - yikes! Wish me luck! 

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