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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

We Will Rock You ... No More!

I'm so sad today. 

We Will Rock You, the Queen Musical that has been rocking the West End now for the past 12 years, is going to cease to exist from June this year.


I feel privileged to have had a taster of their infectious songs, kick-ass dance moves and seen some of the amazing talent they had to offer during West End Live last year, and because of that, it was boosted up my "to see" list, and now I'm worried I'm never going to see it! NO! This just can't happen!!  

For those who don't know, West End Live is a free, live concert in Trafalgar Square in London (at least I think that's where it was, I get easily lost in London!). Each West End show is offered the chance to perform one or more songs from their musicals to show off to the public just how awesome they are! Essentially it's free advertising.

It was so good! We wanted to go this year, but it's just affording the transport and accommodation - not fair when you're a poor student!

Honestly though, We Will Rock You was by far one of the best performances we saw. EVERYONE was singing along and doing the whole "Clap Clap *hands in the air* Clap Clap *hands in the air*" moves that helped to make Queen famous. 

Although the narrative seems a bit ... well, it's a bit out there ... I just want to go and see these brilliant Queen songs brought back to life on the stage. I was brought up on them by my Dad (now that's parenting done right!) and in all honesty, I reckon it'd be one of the very very few musicals my Dad would actually go and watch! 

So, if We Will Rock You doesn't go on tour in the next year, or at least in the near future, I'm worried I will never get to cross it off my "to see" list.

Unless... do you reckon if we all suddenly booked tickets to go and see it, they would realise just how popular it was then they'd keep it on the West End a bit longer? Hmm.... 


Read the original article I found it out from here: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-26530182 

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