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Thursday, 6 March 2014

War - do we really understand what they're going through?

So, today I go onto my usual social media and this video pops up. 


Please, take a couple of minutes out of your day to watch it. 

The video itself shows how quickly a child's life can change when it comes to war. 

It's more hard-hitting, especially for us western countries, because it's in more familiar territory than a desert somewhere or a foreign city. For us, it's home. 

Things like this, which I normally don't like because it makes my guilt reflex ache considerably, get me every time. Not just because they're using a child, not just because it's devastating, but because it makes me think how lucky I am to be British; Where the only "war" we see are riots happening in the streets which is a rare occurrence anyway. 

We take it for granted that we have clean water, a warm home... The only suffering we know is because so-and-so yelled at you today or the roof has a slight leak. These to us are major things that affect us, but imagine if you had no roof. Imagine that you had no so-and-so to yell at you because they were no longer with us. 


I can imagine what it must be like, not just because of videos like the one above, but because I'm unfortunate to have a very vivid imagination. I see videos and pictures of war and it often plagues my sleep and I wish that there was more I could do. 

I don't believe in just donating money. Where's the satisfaction? You don't actually get to see what your money goes towards. Personally, I'd want to travel over there and help as best I could. 

I'd want to see my actions making a difference. 

Maybe someday I'll pluck up the courage to do it. When I maybe have more skills that would be more worthwhile over there, such as medical knowledge. But I feel that I'm selfish, sat here at my desk, writing this post and considering getting myself another cup of tea. 

For now though, I'll share those videos, I'll retweet those images, and I'll help to make people know that out in the world there is suffering. And it's not even their fault. They're caught in a war of politics. The kind of war that hungers for more power, greed and money. And unfortunately, innocents are caught in the middle. And it's those that suffer. 

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