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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Politics Befuddlement - What's happening with Russia and Ukraine?

Politics has always confused me, even when I try to understand it! But sometimes I think the media make it ten times worse with their headlines and "detailed reports". 

Take the Ukraine / Russia crisis at the moment. I'm terrified we're going to have another war! And that's probably down to the media saying about how "grave" and "serious" the matter is and now all of a sudden "nukes" are being added to the mix! 

Is the media trying to create mass hysteria? 

Personally, I don't really understand what's going on. As far as I can tell, Russia want to have Ukraine as their own so that they can access the sea and have some navy ships down there. The EU want Ukraine to become part of the EU (or stay in it if they are already) and Russia don't like that. Hence possible WW3 on the horizon because they're not part of the EU so can't access Ukraine's sea... Am I far off? 

I know it sounds very childish to admit, but whatever did happen to World Peace? If we all want it so bad, why don't we have it by now?

I seriously doubt that there will be another world war; You only need to look at the past world wars to know why there shouldn't be another one, not to mention all the war treaties and stuff that happened after, so it'd be a huge war crime to initiate another one. 

But the way the press are going on, just like they did with Japan (was it? Where that guy had apparently killed all his family members or something and gone to power and had a huge army or something? Oh I don't know.) But now they're comparing the leader of Russia to Hitler. I mean, really? 

I know times are scary and stuff, and when power and greed come into the mix it all gets a little hairy, but is there really the need to worry people about us getting involved (again) in another country's dispute? 

Maybe I am just being really ignorant and not understanding it. But politics in general to me is just like being back on the school playground. 

Let's hope they sort it out sooner rather than later. 

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