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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nevermind Life-Changing, It's Name-Changing!

I've recently got engaged - Woo! - and though we won't be getting married for another 2 years or so, it's got me thinking about how many things are going to change. The main thing being my name. 

For someone who works in the media industry, such as myself, building a good reputation and networking is one of the key ways to help you get noticed and therefore get jobs! 

I'm fortunate enough to have a unique name, Gemma Benefer, but when I get married, I'm going to become Gemma Barber. Not as memorable perhaps? At least I have the same initials! 

But also, it got me thinking. Not only will my overall name change, but my twitter is @gemmabenefer - how can I change that and still maintain all my contacts? Not only that, but all my major documents are going to need changing - how long will that take?

It'd be nice to know what other women do in my situation, especially when your name carries a reputation. Do you still introduce yourself as "Gemma Benefer" for example, then gradually tell people that you're actually married so it's now "Gemma Barber"? Confusing!

I like to stick to tradition, not the tradition of 1950s housewife or anything like that, but for me getting married and becoming a "Barber" is a huge thing, and I like that. I like the old traditions and I want to carry them on. 

But for him, he doesn't have to change anything!

Men don't have to go out and change their name on their driving license, passport, bank cards etc... What a FAFF for us women! That's something I'm really not looking forward to doing. And I'll have to learn a new signature!

I guess a lot more people are double-barrelling their names, but I'm not too keen on that. And let's face it - "Barber-Benefer" ... doesn't exactly go does it? 

So it'd be nice to hear your views: What did you do about changing your name when you got married?

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