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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Is Bad The New Good?

Student campaigns for SU Elections and other sorts of university related madness have been hitting YouTube hard recently. 

There have been so many new videos of students lip-dubbing or singing their own parodies of songs to help get them noticed and ultimately get the votes of their fellow students. 

Unfortunately, the Independent most recently has slated some of their "poor attempts" and labelled them as just plain bad. But I ask you this:

If these videos are supposedly that bad, why are people watching them? 

Maybe the reason why they are bad is the reason to their success, because people want to watch and learn just how "bad" these videos are and end up singing along with them in the end! 

That's what happened with me whilst I watched a fellow friend and student Irish Brian's parody of Lorde for his Student Election campaign. You can watch it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUBXDRQW8kE

I must admit, I cringed the first time I began to watch it, but by the end, I was singing "Briaaaan" just like everyone else who have watched it, and I'm sure you will too!

The reason why it works is, ironically enough, he isn't frightened to risk making a little fool out of himself and look at the success he's had with it. Not only did he win the elections but he also won by an amazing feat! 

So long as you're able to put across your points in a way that engages people, then you're onto a winner. By using a well-known tune and catchy phrase, such as Vote for Brian - Brian, gets people to remember you and sing-along to it! 

Well done Brian, and well done to all those other students out there doing similar things. They may be classed as "bad" videos, but when you end up making money from the ads you can sell on your YouTube due to your video being so popular, you'll be the one laughing! 

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