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Monday, 17 March 2014


I mean, really. Why does there need to be a #GingerDay??

Surely that's discrimination against the blondes, brunettes and other shades out there! 

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way "gingerist" - if that's even a word?! My beautiful big sister is "ginger" as is my lovely cousin; In fact, I love the fact that their hair colour is different and helps them stand out. Not to mention it's gorgeous (and natural!!). 

I actually tweeted a picture of me and my sister and Patsy Palmer from Eastenders RT'd it. I hope my sister doesn't kill me... 

But it has got me thinking about the prejudice that surrounds people with ginger hair. Personally, it's disgusting that this sort of discrimination exists! And because of your hair colour for goodness sake. I guess this is just the vain, cruel world we live in nowadays!

My sister used to get badly bullied because of her hair. It's pathetic and sad really isn't it? Surely if she was a "red head" then she'd get really angry and just lash out at them... But roles reversal, I was actually the angry one of us both! I've always been fiercely protective. 

But why should being "ginger" be such an issue compared to other hair colours? That's what I don't get. Nowadays, you get people with bright pink or even blue hair! Why is being "ginger" any different? 

Maybe I should launch a "blondes have more fun" day... 

So there's a random little thought for your day! 

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