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Friday, 28 February 2014

Why Give In To Bullies?

Recently, although maybe not so recently as it happened last week, Rebecca Adlington has gone and got herself a nose-job. Now, I'm not saying she possibly had the best nose in the world, but why get one? 

She was under fire a lot, both in the media and by her peers with comments and jeers all about how "abnormal" her nose was. But, in my view, getting a nose job is giving into those bullies. What type of an example does that set to her younger fans now?

I think a lot of us can relate to being bullied; I, for one, was called all sorts of names because I was academic. I loved to work and I worked hard. But why should I stop doing what I do to make others happy? Answer, I shouldn't. They were the ones with the problem because they couldn't accept someone who was a little bit different than them!

So to go back a little, after all this time, as an adult, why has Rebecca let those bullies win? Because that's what they are, they're bullies. She's an Olympic champion, she's engaged to a lovely guy and she has so many things rooting for her. 

Personally, I think she's a beauty, regardless of nose or not! We all have things that we're not quite happy with but you focus on the good and let them rule over the bad. 

The reasons why bullies lash out at people, whether it's over appearance or personality, is mostly down to their own insecurities and jealousy. Psychologically, they feel that if they put other people down, then they are made to feel even better about themselves. But it doesn't work. It might work temporarily, but hitting out at other people doesn't change their own problems.  

Looking over those who used to bully me in school, I look at how far I've come and what I'm doing now, then I look at them. Needless to say, I'm pretty chuffed with my little self as to what I'm doing and the things I'm going on to, whilst they seem stuck in the past and don't appear to be doing as well! 

Maybe that makes me a little bit selfish or even a bit mean myself, but to realise that all those comments, all those hurtful things that were done to me, they haven't broken me; They've made me stronger! And I think I should be entitled to be proud of my achievements, despite the criticism and bullying in my younger years. 

I guess I'm a little disappointed in Rebecca, I hope she got her nose job done for HER, not just to stop the torment but to improve her confidence and her self-esteem. In spite of all this, she's an amazing athlete and, after watching her on I'm a Celeb, she's a lovely person.

I just hope that her nose wasn't the reason for her success in swimming! Otherwise, she might be a little stuck! 

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