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Saturday, 8 February 2014

What's happened to Jingles nowadays?

My brain wouldn't shut up last night and then for some reason jingles started coming in to my head! I know, I'm rather random. But it got me thinking, what has happened to jingles nowadays? I find that I'm not singing along to the adverts as much as I used to and I miss those days! The days when as soon as the adverts came on, you didn't check your facebook and twitter on your phone but instead you tended to chat and stop to watch and sing along to your favourites. 

I remember back in Primary School, we actually performed a school play all about jingles! We all stood up in front of everyone and sang "P...P...P...Pick up a Penguin!", "A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play", "Have a break. Have a Kit Kat". Are we just not that influenced by advertisements anymore? 

Of course, there are those adverts that still tug on the heart strings. The eagerly anticipated John Lewis advert at Christmas, the Coca-Cola advert... again at Christmas. But why should Christmas be the season to be jingly? Why can't we have fab adverts the whole year through?! I know it's hard to get excited about washing up liquid commercials, but I bet if it had a funky song and a little slogan then we'd actually find it quite amusing! Speaking of amusing adverts, the flora one where the children make the breakfast and go upstairs to find their mum and dad "wrestling" always makes me smile... sort of awkwardly though. I want to sing along to "Washing machines live longer with Calgon" but even that has disappeared from our screens! 

At the moment, the only adverts to get me excited are the ones for upcoming films and TV shows, such as Nashville which has recently come back for Series 2. I actually shushed my housemates when the trailer came on just so I could watch it all over again and clap like a seal when it finished. Same reaction to the Hunger Games trailers when they were out and I would actually stop blinking in case I missed anything!

So come on advertising companies, make us fall in love with adverts again! Please make up some corny slogan that we can all sing to and I can almost guarantee that people might watch the advert that you've paid thousands for to be put on TV! 

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