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Friday, 28 February 2014

The Avengers are Awesome!

I wouldn't say I have an obsession with The Avengers ... More a slight liking of the actors in them! But I got the box-set for my birthday in August last year and I've only just finished watching them all! Shocking I know!

So yeah, tonight, as a bit of a distraction, I decided to give in and watch The Incredible Hulk. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought!

Turns out the guy who plays the Hulk in it though, isn't the same as the one who plays him in The Avengers ... and I'd also like to know where Betty comes in to the Avengers - why doesn't she get a mention?? Liv Tyler is awesome, although she always looks sad but maybe that's just the characters she's given... 

Anyway, I first got into them through watching Iron Man. Even though I find Tony Stark (and Downey Jr for that matter) rather arrogant, I can't help but find it amusing. Also, Gwenyth Paltrow is in it and she filmed a movie here at Lincoln Uni so of course she's awesome!

This blog is turning into a bit of a waffle isn't it? 

But yeah, I tend to watch the films mainly because Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner and of course Chris Evans (NOT the Radio DJ, obviously!) are all in it. Let's face it, they're rather "ooft" as we would have said back in school. It means hot! 

The story lines, though usually predictable, are great enough. And I guess if there wasn't the whole cliched "yey, they saved the world" ending, then we'd all be left pretty disappointed I guess. 

There's romance, with Thor and his lover, Iron Man and his girl, Hulk and his woman, and is there something going on between Black Widow and ... I just call him Gamble from SWAT but I think his name is Hawkeye? So you have all the lovey dovey element there.

Obviously, there's all the action with all the boom of the guns and running, jumping and fighting scenes blah blah blah. Get's a bit samey after a while, at least that's what I found in the Hulk. 

Then you have the whole comedy side, which only really comes out in Iron Man and Thor a little bit - although sometimes I wonder if that's intentional and if it's just Tom's acting I like! 

On top of all that, you have ... well, let's face it. You have superheroes! You can get any better than that... I mean really. Gorgeous heart throb who comes along and rescues you - yes please!! 

So yeah, I might not have really told you anything much about the films, except maybe to go and see them. But the whole film collection regarding The Avengers and stuff is pretty awesome. So maybe check it out! 

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