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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Starting to get busy? Here's how to DE-STRESS!

I never realised how difficult it might be keeping up with a blog, but sometimes it's hard to think of what to write and also finding the time! At the moment, Uni has just got into full swing and I've actually just started teaching radio at a school as part of my course. Exciting but nerve-wracking! However, as my Drama teacher at college told me, "It's good to have nerves. Keep's you focused and keeps you on your toes!". 

Despite saying I have trouble finding the time, the time is there I'm just not using it wisely. That's blunt honesty for you! There has been some dramas happening in my life and because of them I just don't have the motivation to do some work. But that's all starting to change and I'm getting back in the swing of things.

So where am I going with this??

Well, I've thought of all the stress that I've suffered over the past few years, and I'll admit I still stress myself out now. But I've done some research and found some great tips and stuff which might work for you too. So here is how to de-stress!

1. Hot baths. Oh man, hot baths are good! Yes, it might seem like you're wasting time sitting in your own filth essentially. But add some bath salts, add some music and maybe even some candles or your favourite book and just CHILL (although it'll be hot, so essentially "sweat" rather than "chill"!). It's good to take some time out for yourself and just distract yourself.

2. Write stuff down. The endless amounts of lists I have are a life saver! They may look a little daunting, but the satisfaction of crossing something off when you do it is so worth it! It keeps you organised as well as helping to get out all those worries in your head about what you need to do and when. Honestly, writing things down is one of the best things I do to help me avoid stressing!

3. Reward yourself. Everyone likes chocolate right? Well, almost everyone. Think of a food or a drink that really helps you to unwind and something that you look forward to. It could even be a takeaway or something. Anything that will make you feel rewarded for all your hard work! You need to make sure you treat yourself to give you the motivation to carry on. 

4. Avoid people who stress you out. Sometimes, this isn't so easy. But people have a seriously big impact on you and how you feel. If someone gets on your nerves or stresses you out, then try to avoid them. If you can't avoid them, have minimal contact with them. Being around them is NOT good for you. 

5. Don't worry about things that can't be solved. Got a problem? No easy solution? Well write it down, talk to people about how to solve it and if nothing can be done ACCEPT IT. I struggle with this. I'm a perfectionist and I like everything to happen as I want it too. Sometimes, accepting that things can't be solved is just as good as being able to solve them. You're not giving up, you're just being a realist because you're realising there's nothing you can do. 

6. Get a good sleep. Part of the issue why I struggled a lot in my second year was because my mind wouldn't shut up when I got into bed. Have a hot drink, write all those things down and read a book or watch a film or do anything that distracts you from your problems as best you can. In all honesty, my brain doesn't always shut up, but it can do with practice. I usually try dreaming about a favourite memory, or holiday, or something that I'm looking forward to.

7. Be positive. If you think positive and have self-belief in your work and yourself you will definitely notice a difference. Your confidence will go off the scale and you'll find yourself getting things done quicker and better!

Well, time's getting on and that's all I can think of for now! I have a radio show to present in just over an hour, so toodle-pip and good luck with the de-stressing! It's hard work sometimes but it's worth it. I've noticed I'm a lot lot happier than I was just doing some of the things I mentioned. Remember that you're in control of your own life, and you're the only one who can change it for the better. Stay happy! 

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