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Friday, 28 February 2014

Mother / Daughter Similarities (1)

I feel like I'm becoming my mother. Not only do people say I'm beginning to look like her, which is a compliment in itself, I'm realising I'm acting like her too. 

Watching telly with my housemates the other day, all I kept saying was "He's dead now." or "She's dead too". And that is exactly what my Mum does. Guess we have the same sentiment!

But it did strike me at how many famous people have now died! Was this last year just a disease for them or something?

For example, we were watching Vicar of Dibley; Now, I know it's getting quite old, but I think at LEAST 3 of the original cast are dead now; The latest being Owen, or as I know him as Trigger from Only Fools and Horses. Fun fact: his hearse was bright pink to make people smile, even though he'd died. Aw! So yeah, the saying "He's dead now" came out which made my housemates laugh a bit nervously!

Then, we turned over to watch 10 Things I Hate About You, which I'd never seen and figured I should. It had it's good moments (and many bad!), but it was nice to see so many familiar faces. Including Heath Ledger ... Yep, you know what I said. "Aw, he's dead now". 

Similarly, one of my favourite actors, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, passed away this year. And I know that I won't be able to watch Twister (an amazing film!) or even the next few Hunger Games films without thinking "He's dead now." 

Am I just mean? 

It really does take the fun out of it sometimes, because all I think about is what a shame it is that they're no longer here. 

But yes, the sad truth is, I'm becoming my Mother. Not sure if that's entirely a good thing as I like to be my own person. And sometimes we argue about silly stuff, were I'm obviously right and she's clearly wrong which shows we're very different! And maybe I don't mind being a little like my mum, but I don't want to become identical, otherwise I'll lose the essence of myself. And I'm not sure my partner would particularly like it.. Ha! 

So, I'll ask this: Is it such a bad thing to become more like your Mum? 

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