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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How to NOT use social media

It's come to my attention that a lot of people use social networking and blogs incorrectly. Let me just point out right now, it is NOT a place were you go to bully people, "bitch" about people, or generally say unpleasant things about others. I don't understand why people do this. It's available for everyone to see so why not just say what you have to say to their face and that way you can keep your private life private!

I guess some may point out that perhaps I'm doing the same thing here. Well, I don't think I am. I'm meerly pointing out that there are several do's and don't's which I've mentioned in a previous blog post about how to act online. Publishing intimate thoughts and feelings online isn't using it the right way. Do you really think a prospective employer will want to hire you looking at what you've written? Especially if you're portraying yourself in such a way that is negative and just downright unpleasant? 

I could repeat all the things I've mentioned before, about how employers actually google people (and, as I've found out recently, if you copy and paste an email address into google it pulls up everything linked to that email!) and about how possible networks and opportunities may suddenly find themselves being retracted because they've looked at your online profile. It's all about presenting yourself in the correct way to make yourself employable. 

Twitter - a great place for networking. Keep it professional, show some of your personality (such as loving cake or a big fan of Star Wars) and be the person who you would want employers to see.

Facebook - strictly private. By all means post about how you have an annoying headache or the fact that your favourite team lost in the game you were watching. It's mainly for friends and family but again, monitor what you put on there. Make sure you privacy is set to private and still don't "slag" people off. It will be seen and it will look bad against you.

Linkedin - strictly professional. Essentially, it's an online CV so only put things on there that you would want your employer to know. You can add some personality in the form of your hobbies etc... But overall, no status updates about what you had for your tea. 

Blogs (such as blogspot, wordpress etc...) - essentially, these are free for all's, but my advice to you would be to not put anything on there that affects people's perceptions of you. Again, no bad-mouthing people, no intimate details that just aren't appropriate, especially if they're not linked to the field you're wanting to go into! It is NOT an online diary for you. Everyone will be able to access it so please consider what you're writing and what you're implying before you hit "publish".

They're the four main ones, and please use them wisely. By all means, ignore my advice but if you're wondering why you aren't getting a job or possibly struggling with relationships, just look at your online presence and look at it subjectively. Ask yourself: Do I sound like a nice person? Do I sound interesting? Do I sound like someone I'd want to hire? Think about how you're portraying yourself to others, because it might just be that you're not painting a pretty picture of yourself. 

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