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Monday, 13 January 2014

Where to start?

After much deliberation, I've been encouraged to write a blog, all in the aim of hopefully getting more noticed and therefore more employable. So this is the first of many posts which will undoubtedly contain rants and feelings and which I hope will make sense! 

I should probably refresh and start again already...

My name's Gemma Benefer and as I'm writing this, I'm about to return to Lincoln University for my last couple of terms before I graduate in May. It's exciting, exhilarating, terrifying and just plain sickening. I've loved my time at Uni and it's certainly one of the best things I've ever done, but the thought of leaving and trying to find a job has given me many sleepless nights already! 

When I do leave, I will have a BA in Media Production (with the hope of at least a 2:1). The course, without going into too much detail, explores all aspects of media which is then narrowed over our time to one specialist area. For me it was difficult to choose, when I originally began, I thought TV was the one for me; I was fortunate to gain some work experience which, though I enjoyed, was very different to what I expected. I guess it was the immediacy of being live and communicating directly to an audience which made me fall in love with Radio and so it's now become my life!

I volunteer as a radio presenter on Siren FM both on my own show called Take The Stage and on No Adults Allowed, a programme aimed at school and college pupils and completely run by "young people". Take The Stage is kind of my baby. I play music from films and theatre with information on whats happening at the local theatres and cinemas as well as the Something Soundtrack which is a little puzzle game for people to get involved in. (If you want to listen, I'm on fortnightly at www.sirenonline.co.uk on Sundays from 4pm). It's going really well actually and I've had it for just over a year now. I've had some great responses from people enjoying it. Although, I must admit that the inspiration came from an existing programme on BBC Radio Humberside and Lincolnshire called BBC Westenders. I loved the show so much that I actually contacted the presenters and asked to observe their show; and I must have done something right because since then I've been volunteering whenever I'm home in Hull from Uni. I essentially BA for them (for free I might add!) and bring in biscuits! Though I love it, I know there's only so long I can do it for until I run out of money and get a paid job, but we have a laugh and for now I'm not going to dwell on how long I have left there. 

This is the issue and one which I will most likely talk about in another blog. I want to be employed in the radio industry but to do that you need the experience, and to get the experience you need to volunteer, and to volunteer you don't get paid, but on top of not getting paid, you need to also find the time (to volunteer for free) and fit in all the other uni work and self-promotion of finding a future employer, without causing yourself a minor breakdown. So far, I've only had one minor breakdown... OK, maybe a couple. But I'm determined to get somewhere, and this is hopefully where this blog will come in. I can write, sort of. And I want to be able to show I have some sort of understanding of the world through my rants and random gobbledegook. 

So this, this is me. Gemma Benefer. Writing to you as a young person. A soon-to-be graduate from Lincoln Uni with a degree in Media Production. Wanting to work in the world of Radio. Praying it's all going to work out. 

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